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Employment with Tug Hill

Tug Hill Construction’s standards for employees are dauntingly high, but in return we offer advancement opportunities and compensation packages that are limited only by the will of the individual. If you would like to witness a group of highly skilled and resourceful individuals working together to creatively and enthusiastically overcome any obstacle; we invite you to take a look at our team.

The culture of the company and employees retained by Tug Hill are reflective of our construction standards. In order to complete projects which exceed the client's expectations, we must begin with the highest standards and then find individuals who meet them. Those who are up for the challenge are not only duly compensated, they are also rewarded in the challenge itself and in the satisfaction of working with the very best team in the industry.

Tug Hill Construction seeks and retains some of the most highly qualified personnel in the construction of secure and support facilities; horizontal, vertical and energy facilities; and environmental remediation. In addition, the company strives to recruit the brightest and most promising individuals, and is dedicated to providing them with mentored technical and real-world training as they develop into tomorrow's premier managers and engineers.

Relocating to Tug Hill Locations

Please click below to download the relocation package pdf file and to learn more about El Paso.
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Please download the pdf file below to learn about Watertown, NY where Tug Hill's Headquarters are located:
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